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Dreamsongs Vol. 1, by George R. R. Martin

Dreamsongs Vol. 1, by George R. R. Martin

I read most of this book, but I wasn't able to finish it before it was due back at the library (even with an extension). It just didn't hold my interest. I felt about most of these stories the same way I felt about GoT – good ideas, but the execution wasn't the best. I guess I'm just not a GRRM fan.


Whole30 Reintroduction Wrap-Up

Well, given how sick I've been all week, I've pretty much given up on the rest of my reintroduction. I ate loads of ice cream yesterday because it helped my throat feel better. I also had popcorn with butter because comfort food that I missed.

The only thing I *haven't* properly done a reintroduction for is gluten-containing grains, which I was set to reintroduce tomorrow (Monday). I may try to keep Whole30 eating for the next couple of days to finish it out right, but I'm still half dead and cooking seems so hard. I'm so close to finishing this out right though. But I'm also over it and not getting the help cooking that I need when I'm sick.

So far I haven't noticed any bad reactions when I've reintroduced foods, but I've also been so sick that I wouldn't have been able to tell anyway. I don't think I have any negatives except a tendency to binge on sugar foods.

All in all, I'm proud of myself for how well I did this time. I'll see what I can manage to do today, but I might as well just be off the wagon. I wish I'd seen more results this time, but I know that's because I was relying on white potatoes too much. Still, not a bad round. I think I'm going to call my reintroduction finished and just be proud of myself.


Whole30 Day 40: Reintroduction Day 10

Today I get to reintroduce dairy. Only I didn't, because I took nyquil all day and passed out around 3 pm. Good thing I had ice cream the day before.

B: Spaghetti


Whole30 Day 39: Reintroduction Day 9

I'm definitely sick. That makes it hard to tell how my body reacts on reintroduction, because I don't know what all is from the cold and what might be from the food I'm eating. I'm losing motivation, but I'm almost done, so I'm trying to hang in there.

B: Salmon, broccoli with lemon, baked potato with ghee

L: Raisins and a Twix ice cream bar. I totally cheated and reintroduced dairy a day early, but I needed some ice cream.

D: Spaghetti


Whole30 Day 38: Reintroduction Day 8

Dragging a little this morning, but I think that's due to the margaritas yesterday more than anything else.

Ended up pretty sick over the evening. Not sure if it was the alcohol or if we've got a bug going around, because Ivy stayed home from school too.

B: Skipped

L: Salmon and broccoli with lemon

D: Skipped – went to bed way early


Whole30 Day 37: Reintroduction Day 7

(Yesterday's entry)

Reintroduced non-gluten grains today.

B: Two hardboiled eggs, baked potato with ghee

L: Tortilla chips and salsa

Two margaritas with my bestie

D: Chicken and rice


Whole30 Day 36: Reintroduction Day 6

Fell asleep before posting this last night. Going a little light on my healthy fats lately. Need to get back on the template.

B: Tuna steak, homemade seasoned fries

L: Two hardboiled eggs, homemade seasoned fries

D: Hamburger (with onion and bell peppers) on lettuce leaf “bun”

Snack: Raisins


Whole30 Day 35: Reintroduction Day 5

I woke up with a bit of a headache, but I don't know if that was legume related.

B: Skipped

L: Two hardboiled eggs, baked potato with ghee and salsa

D: Tuna steak, steamed broccoli with lemon, homemade seasoned fries


Whole30 Day 34: Reintroduction Day 4

(forgot to post this yesterday)

Today I reintroduced legumes.

B: Two pieces harboiled eggs, baked potato with salsa

L: Skipped

D: Chili (with beans!)

Snack: Raisins


Whole30 Day 33: Reintroduction Day 3

Felt good all day. I'd say alcohol is fine for me, but it might make my belly a bit upset the next day if I have too much.

B: Piece and a half of shepherd's pie

L: Spaghetti

D: Spaghetti



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