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I Am SO Scared Right Now.

Someone keeps breaking into our house.

Technically, it's my mother's house. We're staying here while she's out of town for a week and a half. So it is me, Josh, our two babies, and my 15 yr old sister Liz.

* Wednesday Night: I woke up at about 12:30 or 1:00 am, heard someone outside the window. Turned on light and yelled for Josh. Heard it again. Josh came to do a cursory check and found nothing. Told me the neighbor dog probably got loose again.

* Thursday: Liz comes in from school freaking. Found a Tahoe cigarette butt - the brand her father smokes. He squatted here before once when mom was out of town (which is why we're staying here now). Josh checks the perimeter - finds a beer can (ex-stepdad is an alcoholic) and a boot print by the window. Comes inside and realizes that some of his stuff has been obviously moved. Mom's pictures by her bed were slightly strewn out, when they were in a pile. I suspect that much of our bread and my daughter's last can of tuna is missing.

* Thursday night: Frightened, I put covers over all the windows (I KNEW it was a person I heard peeking outside mom's window!). I wedge a booby trap against the door where we knew step-dad had broken in the last time. Took Eden's highchair and wedged it under the knob, put several items on top so we would hear if it was pushed over.

* Friday: SOMEONE WAS IN THE HOUSE WHILE WE SLEPT! No, we did not hear the dogs. We woke up to find my booby trap taken down, all of the items laying on the floor and the highchair out away from the door. As if they had left that way. But they had to have had a key to come in the other door. Our hairbrush was taken. (????) The computer desk was pulled away from the wall at one side, and the computer tower was pushed aside. Josh does a perimeter check. Finds that someone took the screen out of the bathroom window, which was locked and is too small anyway. Smelled cigarette smoke as soon as he went outside, but they put it out right away. Whoever it is is watching the house to see when we leave.

* Friday AM: I take Josh to work, yelling obscenities outside and brandishing a large hickory stick. Yes, I dared him to come out and fight me while I'm home. He didn't. Yelled on about how he doesn't want to [mess] with me, as I will kill his dumb ass to protect my kids. Hollered several other choice tidbits. Was really venting.

Went to pay the phone bill and pick up diapers. Took Josh to work and stopped by my church. Was planning to get my preacher to come home with me until the cops got there, but I forgot he usually doesn't come in on Fridays. So I called the cops and told them I would meet them at the mailboxes, as I was too afraid to take the kids home alone and wait.

Get cop. Take her up there. Tell her everything, and about how ex-stepdad broke in before. She rightly mentions that the dogs should have barked, but Achaiah won't bark if she knows someone. She radios in and learns that ex-stepdad is still in jail. It could not have been him.

We come in and I show her everything. She had said there was no proof, but I told her this time items were missing, send someone to take prints, and I will be pressing every charge I can. (They did not press charges last time because nothing had been taken).

Cop does not look exceedingly convinced. She says someone will come and take prints. Without another word (bye!), she gets in her car and leaves. Leaves me alone with my babies. Resume hickory wielding.

Someone was inside while I took Josh to work. How could I be sure? Well, after the pig left, I went to the bathroom in my mom's room. Saw ashes in the sink.

We don't smoke.

I brushed my teeth in there this morning.

It is now 3.5 hours later, and no one has come back to take prints.

*Pats hickory club*

If you're the praying type, we could use it.

He's watching the house. That's how he manages to come in EVERY time we leave, even if it's just to the store.

The cops won't help, so it's time to get to the bottom of this. I will not have someone lurking about, let alone coming inside while we sleep with our children.

It's time to catch this rat bastard.

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