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I Am So Pissed Right Now

Oh, yes, there appears to be more.

If you have not read the post "I Am So Scared Right Now", go here.

* Friday Afternoon: Left at 2:50 pm to go pick up Josh. Running late because someone paged me to yell at me, which I don't even want to go into. Not the right day for that. Left a note up in the mailbox (up the road, at the entrance) for Liz (because she still thought it was her dad) saying "If you do not see my car, DO NOT GO HOME ALONE! I locked the doors, anyway. Wait at the mailboxes for me. I went to get Josh and will hurry home. WAIT HERE!"

Had to stop at the bank, but hurried home. Liz's bus comes sometime between 4-4:30. We make it home around 4:15-4:20. Josh's plan is for me to drop him off at the bottom of the hill, so he can bust in on Bob (what I'm calling our mystery jerk) with the hickory while I wait below to see if Bob comes running out the other door. We expect Bob to be there, since he's coming in EVERY time we leave.

Liz apparently does not understand the meaning of "DO NOT GO HOME ALONE! Wait at the mailboxes." Liz is not at the mailboxes, but I stop anyway, planning to grab the note so it doesn't freak her when she gets home. The mail is gone. I jump back in the car and tell Josh she's already gotten it, and he says, "Well, just hurry all the way up to the house," and we speed away to the house.

She's sitting on the steps, and we fly out (me asking 'what part of don't go home wasn't clear? It's not your dad!') and Josh unlocks the door and busts inside. "He came in the bathroom," Josh says (not very likely, the police decided. It is a tiny window).

* We have a hook latch very high up on the outside of the bathroom door because Eden likes to play in toilets. It was ripped off and the door was open.

* He drank my coffee, which I'd left half-full on the counter in my rush out the door.

* And he's stolen the hammer that I had stupidly left on the counter behind the computer desk (when I'd made my post earlier, I kept it right there).

The cops came again, two gentlemen this time. They couldn't do a damn thing, because there was actually no sign of forced entry. (I might add that trailor doors are exceedingly easy to jimmy into). They were very honest, saying that they really couldn't do anything. They also told me that the other cop had never sent for fingerprinting, and they couldn't without forced entry because it was just too expensive and there's no proof that we didn't just misplace all this stuff. They were frank about it, but they filed a report anyway since I wanted it.

They also affirmed for Josh that he can do whatever he needs to protect his family if we catch him in the house. If he gets out, we can't actually chase him and whoop him or anything. But Josh just needs to see him.

It's just gravy if we catch him.

Liz will be spending the weekend with her friend. (And leaving her phone with us this time, thank goodness!)

I'll keep you posted. Would definitely appreciate it if you send a big light bubble to surround the house.

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