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Waiting for Bob

* Friday night: We got devious last night.

I took Liz to her friend's house for the weekend, and then went to pick up Josh's brother Aaron. Josh stayed home with all of the lights off.

I left about 7:30-8 pm and returned with Aaron around 9 pm, with the house still dark. Aaron ducked down so it looked like I was coming home alone. Then at the top of the hill in our driveway, he gathered his things and went out the window (the lights come on when you open the door). I stayed with the kids in the car, keeping it running with the lights off and gave Aaron the key.

Well, some sort of havoc broke out, and Aaron and Josh both came storming out the door. Apparently Josh had been hearing someone circling the house, humming, for a little while. We figure he was scoping it out. When we got there, *Bob* took off - behind the house up through the neighboring horse field and into the woods. Josh chased after him with a flashlight, but couldn't see details in the field. (Bob may be a Bobbie, but the bootprint Josh found the first night was a man's workboot).

So we didn't get a look of him, but Josh caught him there. We brought the kids in and stayed up a while, lights on. I got ahold of my best friend David and he agreed to help us with Plan B.

At 10:30 pm we packed up the car, let the good-for-nothing dogs out (*sigh*), and loaded up as if we were all leaving for the evening. We met David at the gas station down the road at quarter to 11, and he took Josh and Aaron in his car and dropped them off up the road from the house. They came down and snuck through the neighbor's yard, apparently hiding behind some trees when the other neighbor arrived and started doing some weird stuff.

We don't know this guy, but Liz's opinion isn't particularly favorable. We thought he moved, because we hadn't seen his car around for a while. But now he's apparantly driving a different car. He pulled in and stopped far up his driveway and started repeatedly flashing his brights at his house. Then he finally pulled all the way up, got out, and knocked on his own door before going in. I don't know what that's all about, but J & A waited until he was inside a few minutes before cutting up to our house.

They waited here with everything locked and turned off, and I took the kids to Josh's mom & Aaron's house. I drove around a bit, to put the kids back to sleep and also in case they caught him quickly. That was just wishful thinking on my part. Finally I took them over there when I got sleepy. At 3 am J & A paged me - I thought they caught someone - but I called and they were just letting me know that they were giving up waiting to get some sleep, and I needed to get Aaron at 7 to work. And Josh was supposed to work at the church last night, setting up for a party of some sort, so I had to take him to work.

Luckily, no one broke in that time.

A very long night. Josh hopes that chasing Bob scared him off, since Josh's chasing him showed we're not going to sit here and take it. I'll be calling mom today to let her know what happened, and see about getting a couple deadbolts for her house.

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