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Why I Love My F-list: Part 12

kali_kali is just an amazing woman. She's just, quite possibly, everything. She's absolutely brilliant in so many different arenas that it makes my head spin (she knows about half a dozen languages), she's driven, sexy, fun, and inspiring. I met her in a Kushiel community and she just blew me away. She totally is a Dahlia. It's quite possible that she may have more cool points than anyone else on earth, which is hard for me to say given that I claim to hold the title.

She may not know how completely awesome I think she is. Sometimes I worry that I don't comment enough to her journal, but while I read every time, I'm often just afraid of showing my ignorance. *blush* I'm glad she's on my f-list, I'm learning a lot from her, and she makes me want to get off my ass and better myself.

kali_kali is inspiring!

Tags: friends, memes

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