Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Thanksgiving was Rockin

We went to my sister Tina's house. This was the first time since I got my own place that I haven't hosted Thanksgiving. Tina is pleased that she has her own house now, so I was glad to take a break and support that. It was yumtastic, and I only wish I'd taken pictures of the feast before everyone busted into it.

This is me with my beautiful sisters. Lyzi's on the left, me center, and Tina is on the right. We all get along swimmingly now that we're grown and not living together.

Tina's boyfriend, Adam, keeps his drums at his buddy's house across the street, where they hold band practice. So Eden had never seen them before. She ran and immediately jumped on them. We heard her from the kitchen, and I asked, "Is that Eden?" My mom said, "No, I think Adam's showing her how," and then Adam walked in from a different room. She was just a natural!

She tore it up, let me tell you. I know I'm biased, but she blew all our minds. That's a three year old who can hold a beat. Josh is convinced she's a savant (minus the idiot, of course). Eden hopped up there and played for *hours*, singing, "Fire...fire on the mountain...fire...fire on the mountain..." Apparently those are the only words she knows, but it was still cute. Especially since, when she finished up, she'd cry out (all proud-like), "Please welcome to the stage, Keller Williams!"

That's my girl.

She requested that I go to the car and get her cd, so she could actually sing along with the words. She did a great job.

And sissy snuck in a turn on drums...

Although she spent most of the time doing what Ivy does best: grooving

Here's a bonus picture of Lyz:

She takes great pictures. Seriously, you should see her MySpace Ho shots. She's not a ho, of course, but that's what I call those do-it-yourself MySpace photos. Lyz takes spectacular ones. I apparently don't.

Here is Tina trying to entice me to do the chicken dance to Eden's beautiful concert. Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard and had to pass. It was much better in motion.

A fun time was had by all. And I realized that, despite the fact that I share Tina's half-mexican blood while Lyz does not, I'm the whitest of my siblings. I will be trying a tanning bed soon, methinks.

Tags: eden, family, holidays, ivy, me
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