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Why I Love My F-list: Part 14

simplydorei is so awesomely cool, and not just because she lives at the North Pole.

How long have we been friends? I looked around (half heartedly, I'll admit...I get lost...), but I'm sure it's been for a good long time. Even upon first meeting, it seemed like it'd been a good long time. I just love friends like that. We share so many interests, including some I never listed.

Beautiful, caring, spiritual, smart, friendly, sexy, giving...why wouldn't I love and adore her?

And not just that: my kids got surprise letters from Santa recently. I have it on good authority that simplydorei is the one who went knocking on his door to let him know there were two little girls who'd been nice this year.

simplydorei is pure sweetness!
Tags: friends, memes
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