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Spotlight on my BlogRoll

In a horrible twist of unfair-ness, LiveJournal does not let free account holders have a lot of links on the sidebar. For this reason, I have decided to periodically highlight some of my favorite blogs that I visit. Since I also have a Blogger account for commenting on blogs hosted there, I'm linking my true 'blogroll' there.

This Path - Blogger style

In an effort to keep you coming back for more (ptth!), I'll be adding the links only as I highlight each blog. Most of these will be coming in alphabetical order, only because that's how they show up in my favorites.

So for today:

Andrea's Diary

This blog is hosted by Birth International. Andrea Robertson is a Childbirth Educator based in Australia. Many of her insights are slanted towards Oz, the UK, and Europe in general. However, I think it's important for birth professionals and supporters be aware of the birth culture through out the world.

Right now she is doing a wonderful series on midwifery in Japan. Her most recent post, The best maternity hospital in the world? has me ready to forgo my fantasies of having baby #3 at The Farm and head to Dr. Tomoko Saotome's Fureai Hospital in Yokohama instead.

The only thing I don't like about this blog is that one cannot comment on it. I suppose it's more like an online newsletter in that respect, but unlike certain other blogs < ahem >, Andrea always stays on the topic of birth. Other recent entries include "Giving Birth in Japan", "The Innate Sexiness of Birth", "The Diversity of Birth", and "Midwives and Bullying". With archives dating back to August 2002, this site is just a wealth of knowledge and wisdom for any birth professional.

I'll continue to share more great blogs as I find them. I have several in mind already. If you have a great blog to share, please email me. My email can be found in the user info.
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