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This Journal Will Be Temporarily Closing

I'm going on LJ-hiatus through January, since I'm participating in janowrimo.

JaNoWriMo is a January knock-off of NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month.

There's a 99% certainty that I will occassionally delve into the f-list and use the memes-as-procrastination ploy. As always, memes are f-locked. I may also occassionally indulge in a 'holy wordcount, my brain is bleeding!' post, just to keep you up-to-date on my progress. If you want added to the f-list, ask me. I have too big of a list to continue automatically adding anyone who adds me first anymore. Sorry!

I also plan on using the following procrastination tactics while I'm not technically blogging: clean up the profile, clean up the tags, clean up the friends list. Any folks who have continued to be MIA for very long times, you'll likely get dropped. If I drop you and you really wish I hadn't, just let me know. If I don't think you're around or paying attention anymore, that's who I'll cut.

And PLEASE - use this opportunity if you've wanted to. If you really don't like me (and I'll be honest here, there are several people I get that vibe from), feel free to defriend me. I do like to know why, and there's screened posts around here if that delves into unpleasantness, but it's not completely necessary. I'll support a clean cut-and-run if that's what's needed.

So that is why you'll not be hearing from me much until February. I do actually have a sliver of an idea, but I'm not sure I can squeeze 50k out of it. I may throw out some brainstorming or technical questions if I need to, but feel free to skip any JaNo posts if it doesn't interest you. My genre will be fantasy. I need to build a world in the next three days. If anyone wants to help, feel free. :)

My JaNo partner is georgiamagnolia. If you'd like to join the madness with us, let me know.

See you!
Tags: friends, nanowrimo, writing
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