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Thursday Thirteen

I learned about the Thursday Thirteen from Kodijack and Kristi, who both visited this journal recently. This is a great little meme, and I'm going to start doing this every week.

Ahavah's Favorite Thirteen Things about Christmas

1. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

2. Spending time with family

3. Watching my children's excitement as they open presents

4. Playing Santa

5. The Grinch

6. Candy Canes

7. Hanging the stockings on the posterboard fireplace

8. Grandma's cinnamon rolls

9. The Christmas lineup [now streaming] at WNCW

10. Presents

11. Snow

12. Mistletoe [Josh has requested a mistletoe belt buckle for Christmas . . . 8-P ]

13. Barely any traffic on the roads

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
(leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)
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Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!



( 9 comments — Leave a comment )
Dec. 22nd, 2005 08:26 pm (UTC)
You have a great 13, Merry Christmas!
Dec. 22nd, 2005 08:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And Happy Holidays to you as well!
Dec. 22nd, 2005 10:09 pm (UTC)
Thursday Thirteen
Boy, if I comment again, I tihnk I'm going to have to open a Live Journal ID!

Thanks for commenting today. And I'm so jealous...Grandma's cinnamon rolls so so yummy!

Happy holidays!

Kristi (in the Blogger world: http://kristi0512.blogspot.com, but you already knew that, huh? :) )
Dec. 23rd, 2005 04:32 am (UTC)
Re: Thursday Thirteen
Kristi - livejournal is pretty neat. I like the filters they have on it, and I'm a community junkie. :)

Grandma's cinnamon rolls are great! It's too bad she lives in IL. My mom has spent the past few years trying to perfect the recipe. They're still fantastic, but they're not quite grandma's.
Dec. 22nd, 2005 10:09 pm (UTC)
Welcome to Thursday 13! I hope you enjoy it. This has been my favorite thing to do. It is fun to open presents and you're right, it is nice to drive on Christmas because there is very little traffic. It's almost a relief.

Check my 13 out.


Dec. 23rd, 2005 04:33 am (UTC)
Chickadee - Thanks a bunch! I love it so far. I need the incentive to do it every week. It's great to learn more about other bloggers. I just hope I can keep thinking up new things!
Dec. 23rd, 2005 05:46 am (UTC)
Very good with the art work
You really do find some good art work, at least you did here.

Now, a mistletoe belt buckle is hilarious, especially if you have an....adult....okay stop.

Oooh, cinnamon rolls. There is a right way, and wrong way. Big, lucious, heart attack cinnamon rolls are the way to go.
Dec. 23rd, 2005 05:51 am (UTC)
Re: Very good with the art work
Thanks for coming by! I hope you'll drop me an email to let me know who you are - or where to return the favor, if you have a blog.

You really do find some good art work, at least you did here.

Thanks, this picture was part of a series emailed to me from a friend on a Reiki message group. I'm not sure who the artist is. I'd love for someone to point out a website if they actually know! Maybe closer to Christmas, I'll post all of them on my Flickr account. There's a great one I love of Jesus tickling a couple kids, it makes my heart melt...

Now, a mistletoe belt buckle is hilarious, especially if you have an....adult....okay stop.

Yeah, I actually found that so witty that I'm minded to grant his request. ;) I think he stole it off the radio, though.
Dec. 23rd, 2005 10:48 pm (UTC)
I've seen that drawing of Jesus with the baby before - where was it?! It's beautiful and takes my breath away in full size.

Thanks for joining in, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!

( 9 comments — Leave a comment )


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