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Poll Questions

Here are the first three questions from this JaNoWriMo poll:

Who is your main character and why should I love them?

My name character is Inna ________. She doesn't have a full name because I haven't figured out the naming conventions of my universe yet.

She lives in a world where the gods and magic are very real, and the earth is divided into the land of men and the land of gods. When a person dies, she makes her Sacred Journey through the Underworld and is rewarded with a eternity in the land of gods or a few more unsavory options.

Inna is a young temple ward who recently dedicated herself as an acolyte priestess of Lord Innis, the Iron God. She promised him a life of glory, and so she feels cheated when she learns she was killed three days before her first tournament.

I can only speak for myself so far, but I love her because she's the first person ever to decide not to take her Sacred Journey through the Underworld. She wants to earn a seat of honor so much, and to fulfill her oath to her god, that she transcends death to become one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known. And she's unwittingly killing her patron god to do it. She really exemplifies an ironic power of conviction that parallels some things I find intriguing about many religions today.

will we get to read any of your story so far?

Not much, I'm afraid. It sucks. No, honestly. But I'm hopeful that by the time I finish, I'll know enough of the world and adventure to be able to go back and add the good parts.

In the meantime, though, and because I love you, I'll let you read my favorite part so far:

"I've honored the gods, and I've no quarrel with Lord Renan. But I have sworn an oath to my own god, and I haven't had the time to keep it. How then, would my soul be measured?" Inna shook her head. "I will come back when my oath is fulfilled and I can claim a seat at their table."

"It's not that way. Your time has come. It's obvious that you love your lord, and children have special favor with Lord Renan. You stand a good chance of life in Auria with the gods."

"Doing what?" Inna asked, tying travel bags to her belt. "I'm not a child any longer, either. I've taken my vows. I promised Lord Innis a life of glory. I've made no name for myself, and I certainly have no lineage or godhood to claim. Even if fate weighed in my favor, where will I be for all eternity? Forgive me, Patrizu, but even you who have been greatly honored by the gods, what did you get? A tree?"

Is this why you haven't been online for like the last two days?

Yes. Josh caught it last, and they made him stay home from work for the last three days. So I have been at home, where my connection only lasted that one time I was talking to you (and went back to not working after I signed out). But really, you think I should suck it up? Didn't you tell me I had an excuse when I was on my deathbed? :P
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