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OMG *squee* Thank you!

I am 99.98% certain that I know who Cupid is (are?), but I really don't want to make an ass of myself and send a thank you card to the wrong place. The timing is pretty amazing, though, cause I have a feeling it would be headed to the same place that a certain missing-surprise-that-I-finally-found is going.

So if that made any sense at all to you, thank you you big sweetie!

And for anyone who is curious and completely lost, I just got the whole Firefly series in the mail! I love getting presents, and it's even better when it's not by birthday, Christmas, and I did nothing whatsoever to deserve it! Surprises are so awesome. Man, I need to go spread some good karma now.

But after my day of spreading good cheer...well, we also just borrowed Serenity from lahermite, so I am going to totally buy margarita makings for me and Bailey's for Josh, and it's going to be a marathon of shiny goodness tonight!


I love you. I really do, even without the presents.

Tags: friends, gratitude, life
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