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Thursday Thirteen #2

I've decided to do this week's Thursday Thirteen on my New Year's Resolutions. Now, ordinarily I only have one or two, and they are dropped by February. < blush > I figured I could surely find thirteen ways to improve in this upcoming year, so I'll give it a shot.

Thirteen Things about Ahavah's New Year's Resolutions

1. Lose weight: eat more veggies, less Little Debbies

2. Exercise - maybe stick with Body-For-Life?

3. Keep up with videos: bellydancing, yoga, & Tai Chi

4. Mindfully practice the Reiki Principles

5. Complete my Gifting to my Reiki Master

6. Meditate regularly, beginning at least once a week

7. Continue working with shamanic journeying

8. Begin involving Eden in Reiki/meditation rituals

9. Remember to pray before meals

10. Create worksheets for teaching Reiki I & II

11. Active promoting of my doula practice: create fliers

12. Have at least 1 client per month by April

13. Get caught up on bills, begin savings

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1. Kristi

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