Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

IL pt 1 - Morrison, etc.

Hey, everyone! I'm sitting here at the library in Davenport, Iowa - quite literally the land of my birth. We've had a fun trip so far.

We've spent the last several days staying at Grandma's house. I've gotten to see almost all of my aunts and uncles, and my dad's side of the family held a get together for me yesterday. It's been probably 8 years since I've seen any of them, and that was a lot of fun. They made real mexican food for us and cooked mole, then pressed Josh for his opinion. He diplomatically said, "It's better than Danny's tomales," which I think went over well. (PS: That's mexican 'mole' with a little accenty, and not 'mole' like the rodent)

Ivy's been fighting a cold almost the whole time, but she's been a trooper and has loved on lots of relatives she didn't know she had. Eden thinks the whole vacation is the Eden Show, and we've tried to give grandma chunks of sanity by running away every so often. Josh is enjoying himself, more since he found a knife and sword shop he's in love with in Clinton, IA. He's got a new knife that's pretty awesome. It was dark and we were probably riding through Kentucky when Josh suddenly sat up and said, "My mountains have left me. I just felt it. Wow, it got awfully flat all the sudden." It was kind of cute to watch. There really was a shift in energy, but he looked like such a lost little boy without them. We've talked about moving before, and now he tells me there's no way he could ever live anywhere without waterfalls, because the energy just isn't right.

He also got a new wallet and decided to double-check his old one before he threw it away. Good thing, because he found $80 he didn't remember stashing. We're going to go ahead and splurge on those Go Chicago tickets so we can get free entrance to nearly everything in Chicago. That's supposedly why I'm here, ordering those tickets. I'm getting right on it, though.

I'm technically here here in Davenport because this is where I was born. I figured as long as I was up so close, I'd stop in and try to get my birth certificate. Mom lost mine some years ago, possibly in a basement flood. So I'm going to see if I can get one, and I can't seem to find the courthouse so I popped into the library for directions. Better go get them. But I'll have pictures after Chicago. :) I hope I can see some of you there. We're going to try to hit the Lincoln Park Zoo tomorrow if the weather is nice. Look for the orange gleam off Eden's head.
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