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*Important* Please share your opinions - Honeymoons

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Marriage has been on my mind quite a bit lately, obviously, so I guess this question is geared more towards married couples, although I'd like to hear from everyone.

First off - I have no idea what to do with a wedding. So much etiquette and massive amounts of expenses and bridezilla craziness. Since Josh and I have been together for six years anyway, and we have an actual family together, we want to be sure that this marriage focuses on our commitment to each other.

So...we basically want to throw an, uh, budgeted wedding and go all out for a honeymoon. Ideally we'd like to take a whole week to just go off by ourselves and become husband and wife. Forget the kids, bills, everything...just drink margaritas and touch and do some new things.

We're not sure where to go. We can put together a modest but meaningful wedding, but we really want something fantastic for the honeymoon. Honestly? I looked at Sandals, which is all-inclusive, but I really wanted the 'high tier' room with a personal butler, and that would be $7000 for a week! *chokegaspgougeeyeballsout* That doesn't even count nifty extras like spa and candlelit beach dinners.

So anyway, my question to you - where did you go on your honeymoon, and why? Or, if you're not married, where would you like to go (feel free to go all out for the 'dream honeymoon')?

We've pretty much never been anywhere (well, we've both been to Disneyworld), so we're open to all suggestions.

Thank you!
Tags: family, josh, life, love, marriage, me
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