Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

Gratitude Journal

Yesterday in a f-locked post, lanternlady invited me to give gratitude journaling a try, and I meant to do it before bed last night but forgot. Actually, working through what had been bugging me really helped (as I’d hoped), and I ended up having a SUPER blessed day yesterday! I really do have a lot to be grateful for. I can’t guarantee I’ll keep up with this every day, because I rarely do *blush*, but I am going to try to be more mindful about it.

So these are actually from yesterday. I am so grateful for:

* Waking up to baby kisses

* Enjoying sunny mornings in bed with the window open, listening to the birdsong with children who appreciate the magic of it

* The ability to put into written form what I seem unable to say aloud, and a wonderful group of people who will listen and share loving energy with me

* Flylady and my timer! I am so grateful to her *and myself* for getting back into a healthy daily routine.

* My bedroom! It’s now mostly clean and has a much better energy.

* To 4-T class, for helping me remember the importance of the surrender process. As soon as I validated and released my problem, I had The Best Day Ever (mostly).

* To me baby-stepping my way to better health, and finally stepping on the scale to learn that I have finally broken my last weight plateau! The official weight loss since having baby #2 is now (*gasp!* Yes, I’m saying it outloud because I WILL keep going):

199* --> 145 pounds

* Edit: What was I thinking? I never reached 200 - I refused to! I gave birth to Ivy at a stubborn 199.

* To Josh, for finding my missing pre-baby clothes

* To me, for sticking with moving a little bit more each day, and for fitting back into almost all of them (and *all* of the pants! Some of the shirts are still too tight)

* For working out better than I have all week, even though I was awfully sore.

* To that sore feeling, because I realize my muscles like being used.

* To tadeudz & lessthan90sheep for their empowering messages they sent me, and to lanternlady and intrepidrayne for encouraging me to do this.

* To Josh, for finding the missing valentines candies and putting a little ‘Marry Me’ heart on my desk to make me smile.
Tags: family, friends, gratitude, health, josh, life, spirit
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