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Please give credit where credit is due

First of all, again, I don't mean to sound rude about this, but this is something I feel strongly about.

However, I am a writer and I like to get credit for my writings. Part of the purpose of this blog is to gain readers.

You may not be aware of it, but any original work is considered copyrighted by the author/creator, regardless of whether a formal 'copyright' is applied and paid for.

Now, I don't mind people reposting my blog entries. In fact, I'd like to encourage everyone to do so, as it would bring me EVEN MORE readers.

I'm not going to sue anyone for copyright infringement, or anything silly like that. However, this falls into the realm of good manners and common sense.

If you repost a piece of my work, PLEASE credit me for it! Please. Don't post it on your private journal or to your communities without citing me as the author. Just saying it's a "Repost" does not, in fact, inform people that it is not YOUR original work.

The livejournal FAQ explains how to link to an individual LJ Here. You simply type < lj user = "ahavah_ehyeh" > (minus the spaces). Not only does that cite me as the original author, but it also provides a direct link to my journal. Otherwise, at least just say my user name.

And if the entry you reposted has a link, especially if it's to another site of mine where I previously posted it, please include that link in the post.

Honestly, I don't mean to be mean about this. But as a writer, this is important to me. Believe it or not, I actually put time & effort into my blog entries (it doesn't always show, I know...). Usually I'll think about a topic for a few days, decide how to word it best, write it up, wait another day or two to edit it, and THEN post it. Now granted, sometimes I'll feel strongly and let something fly out right away (like now), but I still try to be clear and professional about it. Because part of the reason I have this is to educate people, find readers for my writings, doula clients for my doula business, clients for my Reiki practice, etc. Sometimes I'll use my blog to log private 'journally' entries, but for the most part I consider this (for now) to be my professional website. I look for friends, yes, but also colleagues and clients.

Thank you for understanding. I hope no one takes offense. I'm really honored that people find my entries worthy of passing on. Just please do not (knowingly or accidently) pass it off as your own. You may have said you found it on a friend's site, but the responses show that people took it as your own. That is easily avoidable by just saying, "Hey, I found this on so-and-so's site". A link would be super-sweet, and I could have even gained more like-minded friends & colleagues from the gesture.

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