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So Much Booty!

I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH, lessthan90sheep!

Oh my goodness, it was the squee that was heard round the world. I just got the best birthday package in the whole wide world!

The massive stack of movies and tv shows is totally going to save our sanity, since we get no channels of our own & know all our dvds by heart. Josh thinks the South Park package (could it be all the seasons? It sure looks that way...) is for him. I nipped that in the bud. ;)

I nearly cried when I saw Keller, and I already know many of those cds will be in my GPE 2.0 (Greatest Playlist Ever version 2.0). We're both excited about Jethro Tull, since we like them a lot but had no cds.

I've really been wanting that Way of the Shaman book, but it was Ina May's Guide to Childbirth that made me cry.

The crystal is too big to fit in my amulet (actually, it's the damn size of my amulet *chuckle*), but it's so chock-full of love that I've got it tied to my belt loop for the day.

I never had such a good friend in all my life. If you've never met my dear Blodyn buddy, please go here and check her out. Be sure to comment and tell her how amazingly slamdacious she is, because I'd totally like to get some love flowing back at her.
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