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Justice Served!

It's here! Kushiel's Justice is mine!

I may not be around until I'm done reading it, which should hopefully be in a few days.

It's already spectacular!

WOO HOO! Imri wants to visit every house of the Night Court before he weds, so we are getting to see more aspects of that! I'm so excited.

Sidonie has her priestess's daughter (Liz, that should so be like Marianne & Maya...) but rumor has it that Amarante took her to the Night Court - Jasmine House.

I've already seen an Alyssum assignation. Interesting, but not quite what I expected. I think it depends on the adept. I already knew it wasn't really my bag.

A taste:

"...Mignon, this is a game, is it not?"

"Would you have it be so?" She did lookat me then, her eyes full of soft wonder. "No, my lord. There are those among us whop believe that Naamah trembled at what she did when first she lay with a mortal man--at the audacity of it, at the shame of it, at the glory of it."

"Shame," I murmured, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Shame is a spice, my lord," Mignon said softly. "Why have you come here if you do not understand this?"

"Because," I said, "Allysum starts with an 'A'."
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