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Preparing to Teach My First Reiki Class

If you are interested in being on my Shamanism filter, please let me know.
If you have completed Reiki III and would like on my Reiki Masters filter, please let me know.
If you are currently on either and just not interested, please don't hesitate to let me know.


I have been making a conscious effort to focus on my inner path lately. I have been reading and working my way through spiritual favorites in an effort to make it practice as well as my purpose. I've been doing several shamanic journeys a week and I've been more diligent about doing reiki self-healings every day in addition to offering it to others.

On Summer Solstice, I held a very meaningful ceremony. My intent was two-fold: I wanted to release all my perceived negativity and clear myself of everything I felt was 'holding me back', in order to become a 'clean bone' so that Spirit might work through me here on earth. I ended up having one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life.

Ever since then, I've felt the tangible shift in energy. I've felt lighter, but fuller - like I'm just bubbling over with it. I felt on a real soul level that now is the time for me to teach Reiki. I can't wait any longer! I've scheduled my first real class for Sunday, and my mom and two sisters are going to take it. They're my 'guinea pig' group and they'll give me feedback to help me solidify my technique. Since my Reiki III class in February 2005, I've only passed one attunement - Josh. He's going to sort of be present again, although he's in charge of the kids. I think it would benefit him to have the class experience, though, because I passed his attunement while I was in labor with Ivy and we didn't have so much of a class as me explaining everything throughout the day as we ran around getting ready to have a baby. lol So I'd like to pass another attunement on him as well, experimenting with the symbols a bit. I plan to offer Eden an attunement if she seems interested, since she'd then be the only person in the family who wasn't attuned.

I also did a journey to meet with my reiki guides and I had very meaningful experiences that really connected me to both Medicine energies and Usui Sensei. I've been rereading my books and worksheets to get everything fresh in my head again, to make sure I don't miss anything. It's like every day, I can feel the energy surging through me even more. As I reviewed the attunement process yesterday, I felt it build up incredibly and my hands started tingling like it wanted to just jump out of them. I've even started having reiki dreams, and I've been getting ideas for level 2 & 3 classes and even intensives, though my original plan was to teach several small Reiki I courses before I attempted to go further.

The energy has been so extensive that, once I finally got a day spent home yesterday, the motivation was just too much and I spent several hours cleaning. I finally found my timer and spent like three or four hours FLYing through the house. A huge bulk of that time was spent on a record scale of Mount Washmore, but I got several small goals accomplished and felt really good about the progress. It's just a start, but the energy is already getting better in our home, too.

My main problem is that after losing all my best computer programs - and the ability to print - I may have to just use my Reiki Master's worksheets. I'm hoping I can personalize some in the coming days, though, and I'm really excited about the coming weekend! I've got Chaplain Duty at church first thing in the morning, and then I'll head over to mom's for the class. I think the energy will be extra special from combining the two, and maybe even moreso since this is my family. I can't wait to see how it goes.
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