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Potty Training

So apparently Eden woke up in the middle of the night, went to the living room, got her potty, brought it into the bedroom, tinkled, pulled her britches back up, and went back to bed.


She was surely sleep-pottying. Somehow. She doesn't even pull her pants & pull-ups down to potty - she takes them all the way off. And she doesn't know yet how to put them back on.

We were extremely proud, if somewhat perplexed.

Also, Potty Tip:

Eden began using her potty a lot more when we introduced the 'We Did It!' song. Anyone's kids a Dora fan? Our song goes something like this (yes, with the little arm dance):

"We did it! Da da da da da da da Eden went potty in the toilet just like a big girl - We did it! She tinkles in the toilet, cause she is such a big girl - We did it! We wipe with toilet paper since we're all such big girls - We did it! And then we wash our hands with soap, cause we're really big girls! Da da da da da da da WE DID IT!"
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