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Healing Music

This is primarily for my Reiki Practitioner friends, although I encourage anyone to answer. I'll also be cross-posting this like whoa in an attempt to get lots of feedback.

I'm really embarking on my healing path at the moment, and almost all of my passion and energy since Solstice has been focused on getting my Reiki work kick-started. I want to begin holding classes and healing sessions, and I would like your recommendations for CDs. I prefer music without vocals that can be played quietly in the background while the person is focused on their own spiritual experience. Since I am primarily working with Medicine Reiki, I would like to have some Native American music, but that is sadly an area that I'm quite ignorant in.

Looking through a catalogue I picked up at church, I'm considering Elivia Melodey's Terra Firma cd or possibly Steven Halpern's In The Om Zone. I would eventually like to accumulate several different albums with different sounds and energies.

Please share your experiences or recommendations! Thank you!
Tags: goals, healing, health, music, reiki, spirit, teaching
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