Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

The Lost Files: IL Vacation

I've slowly been going through all of my recovered files, and I've found a lot of things that I don't want to lose again! I'm going to begin posting some installments here, starting with the last of the Illinois vacation photos that never got put up. I didn't want to lose Eden realizing her dream of making a sandcastle or me rubbing elbows with Ursus.

ILVacayLost 020

Oh noes! My fiercest battle to date.

Eden's moment:

ILVacayLost 009 ILVacayLost 019 ILVacayLost 018 ILVacayLost 010 ILVacayLost 025 ILVacayLost 028

Ha ha, this is my sideways cavebear. He was supposed to be upright. Whoops.

ILVacayLost 004 ILVacayLost 027

(Giant sloth - HUGE - who somehow didn't flip either:)
ILVacayLost 017 ILVacayLost 015 ILVacayLost 005 ILVacayLost 007

ILVacayLost 008 ILVacayLost 036 ILVacayLost 029

One of these is Lucy and one Utzi, I think. It's foggy:

ILVacayLost 038 ILVacayLost 030

ILVacayLost 031

ILVacayLost 032
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