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Health: Yay Me!

I've been doing really well! I've gotten up early all week to take a walk with Achaiah (even on the day it was raining). I missed this morning, but only because I passed out in my chair last night before turning on my alarm. :) I'm going to make it up when I get home. Josh said that Achaiah and I have both been happier, and I know I've at least been feeling better about myself for doing something. My bum has hurt a little, too, and I hope that means it's doing something back there.

I've even been stretching before and after, and I take a few minutes outside to do some reiki and give energy to the tomato plants I transplanted kind of late. And the first day - why, I discovered that blackberries are growing all down our road! We live between two roads, one of which is paved and leads up into the mobile home park and the other is dirt and leads back to some houses and pastures. The blackberries are just turning ripe, and I surprised everyone with them for breakfast. I found a few cool rocks, too, and Achaiah is getting to the point where she's not pulling as badly, so I think we're liable to keep it up for a while. Pictures to come after I'm all hot and bufftastic.

How are the rest of my health buddies doing? We've added kali_kali, deadlybuzz, saymorre, & ladysmith. Welcome aboard, and thanks for joining me in my trek to get healthy!

Still waiting to hear back from these folks as to whether they're still interested:

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