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Reiki Fees/Working with a Group

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I'm really wanting to 'buckle down' with my reiki work and make a career (of sorts) out of it. I'm currently working on setting up my own school, but it will probably be a while before I can invite others into it (a money thing, part of why I need to start making some income!)

I've searched locally, and I was really surprised to see that I couldn't find any webpages of local RMs. The best I found was someone's mention on Craigslist. (Can we say 'Yay! Fill the niche!'? lol) What I also did find, and quite a few of them given the liberal/spiritual location I'm in, was several spas that offer reiki.

Now it appears that around here, the going rate for a Reiki session is $60-80 an hour. So in the spa situation, I'm wondering several things:

1. How much of that goes to the establishment, and how much to the practitioner? What is a fair rate or percentage if the spa is providing the space, supplies (tables, towels, incense, music, etc), and advertizing? What if they go to someone's home, so the spa only provides the advertizing - Does this change the division?

2. Is the fee paid directly to the practitioner or the establishment?

3. In the event that the fee is paid to the establishment who in turn pays the practitioner, would taxes be taken out or would I have to hold out a portion on my own? (I would only work every now and then, so I doubt a weekly pay check would be applicable. I'm also wondering in case I decide to offer these services through my school)

4. In such situations, is the practitioner usually able to build a clientele or is it usually just a first-come first-available situation?

Thanks for your help in answering these questions! I'd rather know a little bit about the mechanics BEFORE I go talking to any establishments.
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