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For the record...

I hate this day, but not for the reasons that you think.

I've taken to avoiding tv, blogs, even radio. My favorite station got changed today after discussions of "Where have all the flags gone? No one cares now. We should make it a national holiday!" and mentions of "Towel-heads", sneered "Jihadists", and "Of course the bleeding heart liberals say..."

What about the Gnadenhutten Massacre ("Nearly 100 non-combatant Christian Delaware (Lenape) Indians, mostly women and children, are killed with hammer blows to the head by Pennsylvania militiamen."), The Battle of Bad Axe ("Around 300 Indian men, women and children are killed in Wisconsin by white soldiers."), and The Bloody Island Massacre ("The murder of up to 200 Pomo people on an island near Upper Lake, California by Nathaniel Lyon and his U. S. Army detachment, in retribution for the killing of two Clear Lake settlers who had been abusing and murdering Pomo people. {The Island Pomo's had no connections to the enslaved Pomos}. This incident led to a general mass killing of native people all over Northern California.")? Do we 'celebrate' any of these as National Holidays? (Doesn't that term stem from 'Holy Days'? And isn't this now 'Patriot Day'?)

It's not just ancient history. Kent State, anyone?

I had my little flag on my car after the attacks. I prayed for the victims - AND the perpetrators. But I refuse to keep dredging it up, to keep the propaganda flowing, to give my continued attention and energies to furthering someone else's bloody agenda. "You're either with us or against us"?

Very much against.

Where's my patriotism?

"Don't like my war/flippant misuse of taxpayer money/continuous slaying of unarmed civilians/quest for oil? Remember September 11!"

I took my flag down when those 3000 lives became nothing more than a hand to play.

It's shameful.

(I'm disabling comments because I'm merely sharing my viewpoint and don't intend to flamewar argue with a soul about this. More therapeutic sloughing, if you will, but you're welcome to leave if you feel this makes me "Against" you or my country. *I* love my country so much that I'd like to save it. If only everyone felt the same.)
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