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Cut Accomplished!

I have made a friends/community cut.

I warned for sometime before I actually got around to it. I mostly cut people that I never hear from anymore or whose journals appear to be dead. Basically if they didn't answer my "I'm about to cut everybody" post and never commented on any of my sacred sharing posts, they were cut.

If you were cut and really wish you weren't, just speak up and let me know.

There are also others I'm considering cutting but hesitant to because we *used* to talk. I'll see if this cut helps my time issue, and if not, I may do a second round. So speak up if you're wanting to hang out, and feel free to move on if you're not.

Hopefully this means I'll catch up on my f-list better. :)

I went from:

152 LJ friends to 123 LJ friends

64 communities to 54 communities

I cut like 20 yahoo groups

and unsubscribed from 5 newsletters I never read anymore

I even cleaned out all my emails' address books (releasing high school boyfriends, people whom I could no longer even remember, etc...talk about cutting bonds and emotional spam!) Cleaning out the actual inboxes will be next, but I haven't gotten quite that much motivation yet.

Tags: communities, friends, lj, spirit
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