Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh


Quick note, as I only have a second (will try to do a 'real' post tomorrow) -

I've talked Josh into taking me to the Rent-a-Center tomorrow to see how much it might be to get a laptop through at least November. I know NOTHING about laptops, so what should I look for/avoid? Any advice from those in the know? (For instance, I've been so peeved with two HPs that I will likely never get HPs again...)

That said, I know I better fess up my wordcount, since at least a few folks probably want to know. I'm only at 1920, but since I think that breaks last year's record, I'm really optimistic. We had a small series of crises starting Nov. 1, of course, but those seem mostly fixed and I plan on playing some catch-up tonight!

Ok, so possibly getting a laptop! Yay! Please leave whatever insight you may have. Miss ya'll. No, really.
Tags: help, nanowrimo
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