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Baby Squee

We made plans Friday, and I flew up Thursday morning. Got here about 11 am yesterday. simplydorei really felt it would be this weekend, specifically Sunday.

Edit: Bah, was I loopy and in a hurry yesterday. That was supposed to be flew up SATURDAY morning. The plan was to *stay* til Thursday. roflmao

She started laboring last night. :) Membranes ruptured early this morning, around 5-ish. We're at the hospital, and she's laboring really well.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of meconium. She's currently getting an internal fetal monitor, so that she can move around a bit more and try to get labor going stronger and more quickly. They're concerned about the meconium level and wanting to monitor baby. We're going to do our best to get it going swiftly - as it seemed to be doing when she was up moving.

Please send lots of health and quick birth energy this way. She's currently about 3 cms, and now we're about to do some more moving and walking. Hopefully baby_squee will be here soon! All prayers and reiki are very gratefully appreciated by mom & dad.
Tags: birth, doula, friends, squee
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