Ahavah Ehyeh (ahavah) wrote,
Ahavah Ehyeh

January 4 – The Day the Earth Shifted

This post is a bit old, as the title suggests. I just haven't had the opportunity to post it yet, but I want to be sure that 1/4/08 lives on for posterity.

That's the day I started working at my new job, which is no big earth-shattering event. It's okay. I work in the deli at the grocery store near my mom's house (still quite a drive). It's full time, and I haven't had a full time job since before Eden was born. I'm slow and out of practice, but I think I'm improving. I definitely wasn't used to spending 8 hours on my feet again, and that was a change in and of itself. But that's not why it was such an important day for me...

It's hard being away from my babies for so long. I worked two part time jobs after Eden was born, but it wasn't 40 hours a week, working almost every day. I've been with them a lot since the get-go, and non-stop since Ivy was born. So, of course, what would happen my very first day back to work?

Eden officially became a “Big Girl”.

I wasn't ready for it. It wasn't even wiggly (she says she had an 'accident' with her sucker). I'd given her the Tooth Talk ahead of time, so she wouldn't freak if her tooth turned wiggly. She's nearing 5, and I remember losing my first tooth then. Either Eden didn't listen or just didn't comprehend, because she freaked out a bit. There was some blood, she broke it loose (apparently Josh had to help pull it), and she was mainly afraid that she was going to get in trouble. I let her go with me to call her grandma and tell her all about it, and talk of the Tooth Fairy soon lifted her spirits. She's very excited about it now.

And just to share, Ivy decided that we needed to take lovey pictures while we had the camera out. I thought it was a right splendid idea, and they turned out so well that I'll spread the love with you all. *hugs from us*

And Josh doing the face he always does when I try to take a picture:

Tags: eden, ivy, josh, life, me, parenting, pics
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