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Happy 5th Birthday, Eden!

Wow, my eldest is five years old already. Five is one of those big-deal birthdays. Eden is now a Big Girl, although it actually came earlier than I expected when she lost her first tooth.

It's true that I also mostly shamelessly think of this as my Mommyversary. By this time in 2003 (8:15 am as I write this), I was just experiencing my water breaking. The countdown had just begun and the excitement was taking over. We wondered whether we would be greeting a boy or a girl. It was Eden's joining our family that led me down my birth path. Her arrival was actually on a Sunday, too. Now it's come full circle, and it's crazy to see how big, brilliant, and beautiful she's become. How did it happen so fast?

She's learning to write. She's getting an allowance now. She tries to have the dishes done and my coffee waiting when I come home from work. In true big-sister fashion, Eden protects her sister unless it's she who's picking on her. Everyone wows over how much she looks (and acts, really) just like her daddy, unless she and I are out alone together, in which case we suddenly get comments on how much she looks like me (??!!). She's hardly shy at all (mainly when told to apologize), and delights in talking the ear off of everyone. She waves at cars that pull up next to us, she wants to tell our 'coffee ladies' about every latest achievement, and God forbid we encounter a cute boy while we're out and about and I'm in a hurry. She gives great energy and loves 'magic power rocks'. She's a cat.

Happy Birthday, sweetie. We have Chuck E. Cheese planned for later this morning, so I hope to have pictures to share. Chuck's appears to be becoming a birthday tradition in our family. lahermite and her kids will be there again, having been with us since the inception of the tradition shortly after meeting them.

I had decided last time I was tagged for an 'about me' meme that I would start sharing about family instead (since said memes about me are legion). I was tagged like five or six months ago and never got around to it (by lanternlady maybe?). I know I just rattled off quite the list, but it's inspired me to go ahead and do it properly for the occasion.

1. Her favorite color is pink. It was red at first and for longest, but she informs me that now it's pink.

2. She started teething at two months! We have a picture of her in her swing with the oragel, even though she looked older than two months (she's always looked older). She had one tooth that kept coming up and going back down, and it didn't really stay up until several months later. It was weird, but I was just glad she wasn't born with them. Seriously, Josh was (they were pulled out to fix his jaw, and he's actually had three sets).

3. She's loathed shoes since birth. She would never, ever keep her shoes and socks on. I know most babies have a certain distaste for this, but her's was fervent and she was like Houdini with the things. When she was finally old enough to talk some, I asked her in exasperation one day, “Why on earth won't you ever keep your shoes on?” She laughed and told me, “Because they're happy toes.” I had trouble fighting her after that.

4. She also seems slightly ocd about labels. Honestly. Since she was old enough to have the skills for it, she's taken every scrap of label off of everything we've ever handed her. It started with Propels and the occasional Bug Juice. She'd take off as much as she could get, then scream and pitch a fit until we took every glued piece off. It took over crayons once we gave them to her. She likes to see what she's dealing with, I guess.

5. Eden is very strong and limber. Josh is an avid exerciser and has been training her body since birth. He's tried doing it with Ivy, but she just doesn't care for it as much. But Eden's always loved it. They do yoga together, and Eden can do full splits and poses I can't even try to get into. She has little three pound and five pound weights that she works out with. She (and now Ivy, too) enjoys walking the dog, and she's getting mighty good on the trampoline.

6. Her favorite song is Fire on the Mountain, and I believe she prefers the Keller version to the Dead version (although she likes both). We play so many different types of music, and we often get kid tapes from the library, but my kids just have impeccable taste in music. I'm really proud. lol Other favorites they break into include Bob Marley's “Sun is Shining” and various Beatles, with Ivy on a current “I Want to Hold Your Hand” kick, as well as the Firefly theme song and a delightfully mangled “You Remind Me of the Babe/Dance Magic Dance” performance.

7. I just asked her what she'd like to be when she grows up, and she said, “I just want to be a lovely lady who saves the world.” That's a lofty goal, but if anyone can do it, she can. She's halfway there already.
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