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Birthday Pictures!

It's a Chuck E. Cheese extravaganza. We spent *far* too many hours there at my beloved daughter's favorite place. They played hard.

Eden wanted her own little cake, which was supposed to be a cat. They forgot to make it at the bakery, though, so she had to make due with a dog. Poor thing. In addition to our lovely family, you will also get to see the beautiful lahermite and her equally beautiful younguns, and her buddy Jimmy.

Eden, Jimmy, Loke, Jiana, & Ivy

Josh & lahermite

My mom and sisters Tina & Lyz

Tina, Eden, & Jimmy. I love this pic of Eden and her 'Aunt Beande'

Ivy contemplating an atomic drop onto Loke and Jiana

Ivy saying “Chuck E. Cheese” with 'Boo Boo' and Uncle Adam

Eden crouching in the midst of a present explosion

Eden getting her puppy cake.

Obligatory cake pic. We got a big one to share with everyone. Eden picked it out.

Eden and Jiana with Chuck.

She really enjoys the dancing with Chuck E. Cheese part.

The end.
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