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Long time no see, old friends. I've been so incredibly busy lately, I hardly have any web time anymore. My snatches of time seem to come late at night (yay for 24 hr coffee shops!), and I always play mad catch-up any more. I haven't even read my f-list in forever!

Thanks to everyone who's checked in to see how we're doing. Life is swell right now. Allow me to share a bit with you.


I've gotten my first wave of wedding invitations mailed off, and we're already beginning to receive response cards back (lahermite's was first – woot!). I'm so excited! I have more to mail out, but I'm trying to collect the addresses I'm missing. Most of those are for out-of-town family that we don't really expect to make it.

We have a wedding website, which is slowly coming together. I got to have a little fun with it. Check out MackWedding.com, and don't forget to sign our guest book! My buddy David has told me that he may be able to come after all, so I'm very excited about that.

After informing my Reiki Master of our engagement, he offered to perform the ceremony for us. I was so touched! I'd already spoken with our preacher when we reserved the church, though, and had reserved him and his wife (who does the music) for our wedding. After much discussion, and checking with Chad (the preacher) to make sure that he doesn't mind, we've decided to do a joint ceremony with Chad and K'Sitew both participating as officiants. I'm SO VERY excited about this! I absolutely can't wait.

My dear friends and Chaplain coordinators have also agreed (in addition to Romella making sweets for Josh) to read a poem for us during the ceremony. I'm really glad about this, too. I found the poem in our chaplain book, Come Apart for a While, and immediately thought of Josh and the wedding. Having Ed & Romella read it will be quite meaningful for me.

Josh and I are doing so well. He's really being such a sweetie. I'm starting to get awfully excited. A lot of people say wedding stuff causes such stress, but Josh and I seem to just be getting closer and closer. It's awesome. I'm so glad I'm not freaking (knock on wood), and that I found the absolute perfect man for me. People have even told us that more than once lately. It's quite touching. Someone – and apparently I can't remember who – mentioned that I rarely speak of Josh. They said they know him from pictures, but don't really know him. I figure, with the exception of lahermite, that probably everyone on my f-list is in the same boat, so I'm working on a Josh post. I hope to actually finish it soon.

So if you haven't received an invite and want to, contact me privately and give me your address! I'd love to have anyone who's willing to make it out and share with us. I'm super-stoked that I should be meeting at least one lj friend for the first time, and possibly as many as six (?) so far!


Switched to nights. Less hours, but now I'm home with the girls again most days, so it's worth it. Josh is going to seek another day job, as the one he thought he had didn't work out.


I've started a better routine now that I'm home with the girls during the day again. They are both SO darn brilliant. We've been working on reading and writing. Eden has been enjoying more mindful school time, so we have study time and I'm even making up worksheets for her 'homework'. Even Ivy is trying to learn how to spell everyone's names – by her own request.

We've also instituted a daily story time, only instead of our usual made-up stories, we're trying an actual novel. Eden feels like quite the big girl about this. She's very excited. We're reading Little House in the Big Woods, one chapter per day. We may try to make a pioneering unit study out of it, except that I've already kind of started a space unit study (because I'm a space case at the moment). Eden is begging for a butter churn and pig bladder, though. Ah, kids.


Well, I'm no longer in my rpgs, so I haven't really been keeping up with my daily writing I'm used to. I'm trying to channel my creative energies into my own stuff, but I've been so busy that I'm not really writing – and not writing well when I try. So I'm mostly back in research phase, devouring all I can about space & generation ships. Bit by bit, information is being filed away, to one day be reborn as the NaNo Wonder Saga again. Hopefully I'll do better with some actual knowledge as background. Ha!


Being home and getting all routiney again has had the added benefit of letting me get back into my FLYing. I am messy. It's horrid. I've even gotten so much better about releasing unnecessary clutter, but our house is so small and has so little storage space that it seems like it doesn't matter. I'm not letting it discourage me, though. I'm keeping up with the dishes and laundry most days now (days we're gone all day are still too frequent), and slowly but surely chiseling away the cluttered corners. I've given up on trying to Freecycle everything without the having internet, so I'm throwing away in faster quantities. My goal is to have the house cleaned – really clean, which it hasn't been since, like, Ivy's birth – before visitors start coming in May. I may even try to build my own book case, since I can't seem to cull my books enough to fit the shelf I have, despite having gone through them several times.


Not going as well as I'd hoped by this time. With the Big Day beginning to loom, I'm trying to buckle down. I've cut back on my weaknesses of Starbucks and these stuffed, sprinkled cookie things that I can't stop buying, but I don't think the cut-back is as effective as actual moving might be. Have resolved to explore this more fully.


I've lost Josh to his mini-chopper mistress. I may have lost Ivy, as well. (She, like her father, enjoys sitting on it and yelling “Whee! I'm cool!”) Josh has helped less with the wedding since getting it, but he's waited about three years for this, so I can't complain. I'm glad to see him so giddy and childlike, although I did threaten dire consequences if he doesn't jump and clap and squee as much on our wedding day as he did on bike-day.

Oh, and one sad bit: our buddy Keia, who lost his home to the fire, found out that his cat was killed in the blaze. :( He and his mom are doing well, though, and appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.
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