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Starting to come together...

Just a quick note, as I'm headed for work at the moment...

I finally have a block of rooms reserved for our wedding, and the hotel asks that guests reserve their rooms by April 28 to get the discount rate.

Info has been added to our wedding website, as well as the Best Man's info. ;) Now that I finally got a pic. Unfortunately, my digital camera broke, so lots of posts I've been working on (including the Asheville one I was trying to wrap up now that it's spring again) are now on the back burner.

If you're coming from out of town, please check it out and make your reservations. I'm just sorry it took so long for me to find a hotel that could hold us! lol

If you pop in at MackWedding.com, please take a moment to sign our guestbook. The kinks are apparently worked out, and our guestbook is mournfully bare.

You can also RSVP online, which would be very helpful if we haven't received your reply card yet.

Thank you!

I can't wait! We met with our two officiants today to hammer it out, and I'm quite excited that it's all coming together.

I'll do a real post one day, honest. It's pretty much all wedding at the moment, as I scramble to get everything together.
Tags: friends, marriage, squee

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