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'Devastating' Head Trauma

Prayers and Reiki are earnestly requested for my mom, Christy. I'll probably f-lock this post later, but for now I just want to be sure as many people are praying for her as possible.

Mom was in a pretty serious car accident today. I guess it was yesterday by now – I'm at the hospital now, still a bit too keyed up to sleep. It's bad. She's had massive brain injury and was in surgery for hours. They honestly don't expect her to make it. They are forward with us about it, but really, they say it far too often (and in front of her) for my comfort. I appreciate the honesty, but I also believe in the thought/word/deed method of creation and I'm doing my very best to hold the positive and vibrant image that is my mom. I really need and appreciate anyone who'd be willing to hold that image of health and wholeness for us.

So we believe it happened sometime around noonish, after she had taken Lyz to school and was returning to work. The police were waiting at the house when Tina got there at 3, and she didn't learn much and went straight to the hospital.

She was hit from the rear. One of the nurses later said they were told it was a semi. Honestly – I think it was probably a dump truck. Josh and I actually drove out there and looked at it. It's the one place on the road where it looks like an accident has happened recently. There's a lot of road work going on up off the main road, and I think it was probably a dump truck. The way the skid marks of the tires are...a semi would have jack-knifed, or at least knocked some mailboxes as it slung off the road (and it did). It looks as if a large truck was traveling too fast down the straight-away hill to stop when someone pulled out in front of it. The marks start in the other lane as if he slung around to miss someone up the road, and then they actually zig-zag down the road (trying to slow, I imagine) for about 50 yards. A long way. That bothers me, as it means she probably both saw and heard it coming. Maybe I shouldn't have went and looked, I don't know, but I had to.

And, to be honest, I also believe it was one of the dump trucks because of an incredibly odd twist of fate: We were returning on a similar road from visiting lahermite (which was pretty far away), and they were doing road work, and a giant dump truck swerved into our lane and nearly killed us all. I do not exaggerate the least. He didn't notice he was even in our lane until Josh started honking like crazy, and he swerved back just in time to miss us. Not one full minute later I get a 911 page from Tina. We reached the top of the mountain and I got just enough service on my cell to see her text to get to the hospital. All this happened within two, maybe three, minutes.

If it couldn't get any more surreal, I was wandering (lost) trying to find the waiting room where my sisters were, and they literally wheeled mom out right in front of me. I was about to cross a hall and they wheel this gurney out, and her head was all bandaged up and I couldn't tell at first. But everything quite literally turned to slow motion, and I just kind of gaped down as she passed thinking That's her nose and cheeks. Freckled shoulder. and I cry, “Is that my mom? That's my mom!” The nurse helping look for everybody tried to get me away, but I looked back and saw her hair peeking out of the bandages and was all, “Wait, that's my mom! What's the name? Is it [last name]?” and the guy pushing it just shrugged and shook his head and hurried her away. I've been really sick all weekend and haven't eaten, see, and I almost fell out right there in the hallway. And I'd done so good with centering myself before I went in. ha. The nurse was like, “Your family's this way,” but I just wanted to touch her. They wouldn't let me. Apparently they didn't know who she was yet. The police hadn't been able find her purse.

So this is by far the absolute craziest day of my life. I still can't believe they just 'happened' to wheel her out right literally under my nose. It's grim. But we've got her on prayer lists, and I've been doing what I can by way of energy and talking to her and stuff. If you have your own prayer or healing lists, please pass on loving words for Christy in NC. We likely won't know anything for sure for days. The wedding is of course postponed.

I really love and appreciate you if you read this far. Thanks for any good energies. Feel free to share her name and affirm her wholeness anywhere you see fit. I suppose I'll be around at some point, and if not, I have wonderful friends who've previously agreed to emergency post for me and I may actually end up using them. Thanks to you as well, by the way.
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