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101 Things in 1001 Days: Revised

See my previous list and mission101. X-posted there.

When I started this project back in September 2006, I quite fervently decided that I would do none of this silly rearranging my list. Oh no, I would set out to do exactly what I aimed to do. I would do it or consider myself Fail.

We must grow or be conquered by life. Point taken, life. I should know better than to feel all staunch and high and mighty, than to continue to let my perfectionism defeat me when it comes to trying to get better.

Since I began this project, I have gotten engaged and spent considerable time and energy into planning a wedding. That wedding fell through when my mom was in a horrible car accident four days prior, and though we got married anyway, I still have the 'wedding' part to replan. I also spent several months really doing nothing in the wake of her death (Mother's Day, 2008). I've kind of dropped my SCA plans altogether, which I barely ever dipped the surface anyway, and my doula work has taken a back seat to my writing and reiki as I deal with these other issues. I've also left my church, so all remaining goals related to that – and correlating to the wedding – need to be dropped or revised anyway. I'm also still up in the air about whether I'll have the time & resources available to do Meals on Wheels or Body for Life this round, but we'll see.

So I have revisited and revised my goal list, though I've decided to maintain the finish date of May 30, 2009. We were married May 9, and I want that new part done by our first anniversary anyway! Then hopefully everything regarding my mom will be settled, and I can make my second list with a fresh eye to the future.

My last update was New Year's. I'm a bit surprised that I have so few done yet! It seemed like more. Yipes! I have many in progress, but I really need to buckle down. If anyone wants to be motivator/encourager/accountability buddies, please let me know! I'm great with both virtual hugs and haranguing.

I have eight months to knock out 83 more items. Go me.

Start date: Saturday, September 2, 2006
Ending date: Saturday, May 30, 2009

Strikes to indicate items completed and italics to indicate items in progress. Bolded items are my new additions.

27 / 101 words. 27% done!


1. Organize this list (Done as I posted - what can I say? I need instant gratification)
2. See Keller Williams live (Nov. 5, 2006 - The Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte...it was awesome!) (Also 10/25/08 - pics & vid!)
3. Learn how to make a compost pile Summer 2008
4. Plant a garden
5. Find a female friend *Waves* hi, lahermite!
6. Find another female friend
7. Send a message in a bottle
8. Make a scrapbook


9. Get my DONA, Int'l certification Got the call 5/20/07 - I'm certified! :D


10. Get a portable massage table 12/24/07 Thank you, K'Sitew!
11. Teach a reiki class Done July 1, 2007 for my mom & sisters. Friends hear the Voice Post. Reiki Masters on my Level 3 filter can see the class outline. Total classes held: 3
12. Participate in a Full Moon Hoop Ceremony July 07
13. Participate in a New Moon Hoop Ceremony Oct 07?
14. Lead a Medicine Reiki Ceremony
15. Get attuned to Violet Flame Reiki (October 21, 2006, 1, 2, & Master levels)
16. Make a Manifestation Grid
17. Find a new place to hold Reiki Shares
18. Complete my distance course


19. Read 101 Books
20. Get an article published
21. Get a short story published
22. Complete NaNoWriMo Nov 07: 12,643
23. Submit to the Writers of the Future contest
24. Get a paid LJ account Thank you, simplydorei! 06 – I have maintained paid status since.


25. FLY consistently for 28 days
26. Get Flylady calendar & sticker kit August 26, 2008. It really does help, too. I'm going to start listing monthly goals to work on.
27. Get both FlyLady dusters
28. Get blue FlyLady water bottle

29. Try all of the sample menus in Saving Dinner and see if there's one I'd like to subscribe to Tried several, and Josh was not a fan.


30. Make fruit baskets for the kitchen
31. Take a Home Depot class & fix something on the house
32. Redecorate the bedroom
33. Get a bed ~ Thanks to lahermite!
34. Get the kids' room fixed up Yay to Josh for clearing out the 'junk room'.


35. Start a piggy bank for the girls This has to be done again. Apparently I did it once, but I'm not sure why we no longer have them.
36. Make a basket for Ivy
37. Take the girls camping
38. Take the girls to the ocean
39. Go to Cherokee
40. Make a gingerbread house with the girls
41. Take family to IL Check out my IL Trip tag!
42. Start a homeschool routine with the girls Check out our “official” First Week of Kindergarten and my homeschooling & unschooling tags
43. Offer to braid Josh's hair 3 times I
44. Take Josh to Carowinds
45. Go a full day without scolding or yelling
46. Finish reading Little House series with the girls/Order Little House on the Prarie dvds I made this one entry since we're already almost done with the series.
47. Find a reliable, relatively local babysitter
48. Get a new digital camera

Personal Improvement

49. Make lasagna
50. Learn a new language
51. Learn a song on the guitar
52. Read the Complete Idiot's Guide to Beating Debt
53. Read the Complete Idiot's Guide to Investing
54. Invest in the stock market
55. Take a Continuing Education course
56. Take a small business course
57. Pay library fine & return all books that aren't mine Done two or three times now, whoops
58. Pay all of my bills early I've done good recently – let's see if it lasts through the whole month.
59. Pay off an outstanding debt Eden's doctor bill - Oct. 2008


60. Learn about & visit at least 5 other churches
61. Fast for a week
62. Participate in a drum circle
63. Hold another releasing ceremony Here, and with excellent results!


64. Clean up a road My girls and I have done this once for Earth Day 08. We will do it again.
65. Be a Secret Santa
66. Leave a book
67. Take food to the food bank
68. Bake something to give away at least 6 times 10/27/06, 06/08

Month Long Projects

69. Do Bellydancing videos three times a week (Health)
70. Meditate every day (Spirit)
71. Do a shamanic journey every day (Spirit)
72. Make breakfast every day (Family)
73. Keep a journal (Personal Improvement) I am keeping a homeschool log and blogging more, so I consider this working even if I can't seem to keep long-hand journals.
74. Fast 2 days/week (Spirit)
75. Volunteer for Meals on Wheels (Love)
76. Write a letter/wk (Love)
77. Write 100 words/day (Writing)

Six Week Projects

78. Do Flash Challenges at Liberty Hall every weekend (Writing)
79. Reiki Gaia every day (Spirit)
80. Do at least one Random Act of Kindness/day (Love)
81. Send a card/wk (Love)
82. Do EFT every day (Personal Improvement)
83. Drink 64 oz of water/day (Health)

Three Month Projects

84. Take the family somewhere new every week (Family)
85. Do Body For Life (Health)
86. Do the 4T Prosperity Program (Personal Improvement - Sept 10, 2006 - Dec 06)


87. Finish thank you cards from the first time!
88. Find a new place to hold wedding
89. Send out save-the-dates
90. Invitations again
91. Find a fourth bridesmaid
92. Have some sort of real music plan this time. Dj, band, kazoos, something.
93. Interview and hire a professional photographer
94. Have a real cake, freeze the top layer, that whole shebang
95. Take a Dance class with Josh
96. Have that bonfire/drum circle I wanted. Book separate reception place, if necessary
97. Attend a Wedding Festival Sept. 25, 2008
98. Have wedding by May 9, 2009
99. Have a real honeymoon
100. Research Married-Across-The-World idea. If viable, book two more spots

101. Make new 101 list! I'm kinda-but-not-really counting the revision on this list. I still have to make another once this is completed.

Items dropped:


* Attend Shindig on the Green


* Get one birth per month
* Get an article published in International Doula
* Make pamphlets
* Get a website
* Take out an ad


* Get clients
* Get attuned to one other reiki tradition


101 books including 3 from:


* Make garb
* Go to event
* Choose a persona
* Learn to fight

Personal Improvement

* Make petits fours
* Improve handwriting


* Do church potluck 3 times
* Read the New Testament


* Sponsor a child for a church event
* Take snacks for Sunday School
* Have a community cookout
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