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LJ Idol

So, I've decided to give therealljidol a shot. I've been a member since season one, I think, but haven't gotten to keep up with it since. What is LJ Idol?

LJ Idol is. . . wow, how to explain it. It's part journal writing competition, part friending frenzy, part reality show thrown in to a blender creating the Greatest Competition Ever... Every week I will give you a topic to write on. You write an LJ entry on that topic, and link your entry back to the topic thread by the deadline.

Then a poll will be posted with the details on how many people we will be losing that week. The poll opens. People vote, and the people with the fewest votes are eliminated. Repeat until there is only one left standing!
Found on the LJ Idol FAQ

Why join? Because I'm feeling impulsive and I finally have the internet back. I'm hoping this might help me keep up with LJ, and I feel like making awesome new friends. I've been doing all right with prompts lately, and this may help me bring my writing back up a few notches. Also, I didn't manage to usurp either of the presidential nominee positions, so this is the next best thing. (Don't forget me in 2012!)

I have to write an intro post before Monday. I've gained A LOT of new friends since I was last active, so this seems like a pretty good idea anyway. I'm going to put a lot of thought into it, because I'm not quite sure who I am at this moment.
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