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Ivy's Third Birthday Party

I never posted the pictures! Since I have no digital camera at the moment, I should go ahead and share what I do have. Here are the highlights. Apparently we have quite a few highlights.

Me and my hubby. (That's still so fun to say)

Josh and his true love.

Birthday Princess

lahermite & ahavah

Obligatory cake pic. It *was* gorgeous.

Tracy, me, & my sister Tina

Kids playing in the yard. We have Jordan, Loke, and Bug.

Girls hiding in the corner. Eden, Ivy, and Jiana. (Hopefully I finally have her name spelled right)

Beaner, not listening when I told her to stay out of my liquor.

Josh's oldest friend Mikey. Eden. Ben, an old friend from way back in the day, whom Tina and I found at Walmart.

Ivy & Mikey's boy Ethan. That boy *loves* to drive.

My sisters Lyz & Tina.

Still them.

Me & Ivy
Tags: eden, family, holidays, ivy, josh, me, pics
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