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Attn (Future) Parents, Doulas, CBEs! Great Resource!

If you write to dvd@icgi.org and give them your name and mailing address, they will send you a free DVD on circumcision. I'm always leery of free offers, so I wrote and asked if this was true and if there was any further obligation. Here's the email I received:

Yes, we are offering a DVD on circumcision (graphic, shows circumcision). It is free. Please send us your address so we can mail you one. We are flooded with requests right now, so it will take several weeks. In the meantime, we encourage you to go to the following websites to download brochures that you can copy and distribute to help educate your clients:




Thanks! ICGI

What a wonderful resource to educate new parents! Especially here in the US, where circumcision rates are still way too high. Please check it out and help spread the word, so that hopefully our children can remain healthily intact.

Please check out the information they offer. And if you're even considering circumcising your son, I BEG you to watch their free video! The possible complications are many, and the benefits non-existent.

Want him to 'look like everyone else'? Thanks to better parental education, the US circumcision rate is continuing to decline. Think he'll feel funny if he looks different than dad? Momma - did you feel funny if your cup size was different than your mom? PLEASE do the research! Your son will thank you.


I seem to have a missing comment, I think.

I was asked, both through email and on my cross-post to MySpace, "What about circumcision for religious reasons?"

I can respect someone's religious decision even while disagreeing. Of course, as a doula I am for parental choice in all matters. There is quite a movement in the Jewish community to put a stop to this practice. Further research on the subject can be found here:

Jews Against Circumcision


Jewish Circumcision Resource Center

Also, someone asked what about research that shows that a circumcised man has a lower risk of contracting HIV.

As far as I know, the data is mixed but is most likely medically unfounded. If you read up on the potential risks, I don't feel they outweight the slight possibility (and unreliability) of a reduced risk, when safe sex practices are a surer bet.

Also, the WHO says that while there may be new evidence in favor of that assertion,
"But there is no evidence that promoting circumcision among boys or men actually reduces the incidence of HIV infection, and there is a genuine possibility that it may undermine other HIV-preventive strategies"
and "it is too early to make clear policy recommendations about this matter."

See also:


HIV & AIDS Transmission FAQ

And, again this is my personal opinion, parents should teach all their children - circumcised or not - to practice safe sex, preferrably in a monogamous, loving relationship.
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