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Holy Free Keller Show, Batman!

Now, I sometimes peruse Keller's Website. I looked just last week to see if any shows were coming to Asheville, and I didn't see any. This morning, though, while trying to get Cadillac* out of my head, I stumbled back on the site and saw that Keller and the WMDS* are doing a FREE show on Lexington Avenue this month! As far as I know, they mean the street itself. I didn't see a venue. I haven't heard anything locally about this, so I hope like hell it's true!

* Okay, I was trying to find out if it really says "And Jesus be ridin' bitch seat because he's good like that"

* Williams with Moseley, Droll, & Sipe

PS: That's Bob Weir singing with him
Tags: kw, music, nc, squee

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