March 13th, 2006

Stewart Not Your Monkey

To be Pierced Ecstatic by the Shaft of Victory

I'm cross-posting this from night_court. This is a Kushiel's Legacy sorting community, where you fill out an application and the members vote for which House you would belong to in the Court of Night Blooming Flowers. I decided to go ahead and cross-post it here, since it occurred to me that my answers on the application really cut to the meat of who I Am. So for those of you that care to know me better, I thought I'd share.

If you haven't read Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series, do so immediately - beginning with Kushiel's Dart. You can also read the abridged run-down that I gave my friend kerynde in the comments section here.

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Stewart Not Your Monkey

So I've Been Meaning to Tell You...

I've been meaning to get this post out for at least two or three weeks, so my apologies for not doing it sooner. I have some fantastic news:

Ivy speaks! And signs!

My big girl Ivy

A couple weeks ago, Ivy signed and said her first words - both within about twenty minutes of each other!

I had her on the bed, changing her diaper. We were playing a little bit, and she got excited and started waving her hands. Ivy stopped, looked at her hand, and I could just totally see her think about it for a minute. She closed her fingers together and brought her hand to her mouth, as if she was signing 'food'. Actually, she was asking for her 'binky' (pacifier), but I knew what she meant. I was so proud!

So a little bit later, Eden came in and I changed her butt as well. We stayed on the bed, playing and tickling, just generally having fun. Ivy had been the center of attention since signing to me, and it seemed she got a bit jealous that sissy was now getting all mommy's playing. Clear as day, Ivy yelled, "Mama!"


Beautiful Ivy

Since then, she has also said 'Dada', 'Eden', and 'Sissy', and signed 'more', 'food', 'mom', and 'dad'. Since her birth, Ivy has watched our signing and conversations so closely. Ivy is just a grown-up waiting to get there. Now that she's started communicating, she's doing it more and more often. She's extremely proud of herself, and so am I.

Ivy enjoys a cookie with her new teeth
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Stewart Not Your Monkey

On Vaccines, Rude People, and NOT Being a Morning Person

I'm not a morning person.

I'm not a patient person, although I'm improving.

I'm not the sort of person who tolerates blatant rudeness.

So, nursey-pooh, WTF makes you think that you can call me and wake me and my kids up at 7:30 in the freaking morning to reschedule our lunch time doctor's appointment, and then not answer the freaking phones when I call you right back?????

I get their answering service: "Oh, they're not answering the phones until about ten after eight. You might want to try back then."

Irate Night Owl: "Look, they woke me & my kids up at 7:30 this morning telling me to call them. I'd like to take care of this now."

Dork: "Oh, they called you?" Yeah, that's what I said the first two times. "Let me try to page someone."

Wait. Wait. Wait.

"They're not answering the phones. Can I get your name and number and have them call you back?"


8:10, pager: Ring ring.

I haven't called them back, since I was busy getting my two babies ready for the day. They can wait on me now.

I'm starting to take this as a sign. I've always been leery about vaccinations; they scare the bejesus out of me. I don't trust them. We accidently skipped Ivy's four month, so she's a set behind. Now we're supposed to reschedule again, and I'm just thinking, Maybe I keep getting icky feelings because we just shouldn't do it.

Does anyone have any good, reliable links on vaccinations &/or how to legally abstain? I feel like I need to follow my gut and look into this more, and it's not completely just because I'm pissed off.

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Stewart Not Your Monkey


I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a week or two. I lost four more pounds.

I now officially weigh less than I have since I had Eden! It's working!

For those who care, that brings the current Pounds Lossed to 37 pounds since having Ivy. 7 more pounds will bring me back to my pre-preggers weight, where I had *again* lost about 20 lbs before learning I was preggers. So I'm slightly over half-way to my ideal weight (27 pounds to go).

Yay, me!
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Stewart Not Your Monkey

Ahavah no' Gentian Ehyeh ~ :P

So it appears that my fellow Servants of Naamah in night_court have sorted me as a Gentian Adept. I feel it's fairly fitting. My bet was Balm or Gentian, with Balm having a slight lead because of my doula and Reiki background - although I now see that most folks would probably consider Reiki something more Gentian than Balm. ;)

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