March 14th, 2006

Stewart Not Your Monkey

No, no, no, no, no! Just . . . NO!

Reiki is a form of energy healing, one which requires a certain amount of faith on behalf of the recipient (well, to an extent, but I won't go into depth here; that's a whole different topic). Reiki, as I have mentioned, has its own intelligence - this means that if you send Reiki to someone who is NOT open and receptive to it, Reiki would not have any effect on him/her.

I have mentioned before that I feel it is a completely valid option to 'ask etherically' if Reiki can be sent. For instance, I'm on the prayer list at church, where prayers come through confidentially. This means that I can't directly email the person who sent in the prayer and ask them if they would like to receive Reiki. So I have no problems following my inner guidance, or as some people term it, asking the recipient's Higher Self. Personally, I always pray first and add, "Please allow this Reiki to affect those open and receptive to it. If this person would not be comfortable with the energy, please send it to Gaia that she may use it to heal."

Some people don't agree. Some people think that you must have concrete written or verbal approval. Whatever you feel comfortable with; I think asking on a soul level is valid.


Is the person has specifically told you that NO, they are NOT open to Reiki healing, you can't just 'ask his Higher Self', get a yes, and force it upon him!

If a person SAYS no, that IS his Higher Self - that is why we are all here on earth, using Free Will to walk our own personal paths.

Yes, Reiki has Divine Intelligence and would not harm someone, or effect them at all, if they didn't want it. But it is JUST NOT RIGHT as a healer to make that decision for them and attempt to force it upon them.

Every Reiki tradition that I am familiar with teaches that some form of permission is necessary. To go against someone's direct wishes is


How can you be a healer and perpetuate this? That's akin to the doctor who says, "Oh, you have a large baby so we'll need to induce Friday", when really he's going golfing this weekend and your baby ends up being born at a whopping 7 pounds.

It violates informed consent! It violates Free Will!

Sure, if your father has a life threatening illness, you might follow the pull of your heart rather than his direct wishes. But what really, really bothers me is that everyone else in that thread in one of my healing community has so far said:

"Distance Reiki is being sent."

*blink blink*

It's one of the first things you learn as a Reiki healer. How on earth can you countenance that?

THIS is why 'new age freaky shit' like Reiki gets a bad name. Because if we can't stick to our own mandates and uphold our own teachings, if we disregard our client's/family's/friend's/perfect stranger's wishes, how can we expect the world to trust us as legitimate healers?
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