April 16th, 2006

Stewart Not Your Monkey

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Happy Easter, Everyone!

We had a good time. I made one and a half icons. The one I'm using here is the one I got finished. Slowly but surely, I'm learning.

Eden got pretty excited about the Easter bunny, who kindly brought more gifts than candy. She did bust into the chocolate a bit quickly and we had to put it up out of reach. I forgot, however, that Ivy's basket had a couple candies in it. As soon as our backs were turned, Eden had snagged it up. Sneaky.

Ivy fell off the bed today. She fell asleep in our bed, so I surrounded her with pillows. I heard her cooing when she woke up and started down the hall to get her. I saw it happen. It's such an awful feeling to watch your child fall head first and justknow you're not going to catch her in time.

I didn't.

She landed flat on her head, but she must have hit something or bit her lip on the way down. I picked her up and she was just drooling blood all over. I totally freaked. She's ok - resilient little thing. I wrapped up an icepack in a washcloth and let her suck on it for a while. It must have helped, because half of her poor lip was swollen really badly, but it went down a lot. It still breaks my heart. Especially when she smiles all lopsided. Any and all prayers and Reiki are welcome.

Today was the last day visiting with Uncle Ron & Aunt Linda, who came to visit from Illinois. Boy, the babies just took to them. It was so good to see them again. Ron is my uncle who won his cancer battle, and I haven't seen him since we learned he was sick. He looks good, but he only has a partial lung and Eden tired him out considerably. He said that's why he came, though. They're leaving early in the AM, and I'll miss them terribly. I'm so glad they came to see the baby, though.

So that's my weekend. Sorry if I haven't commented enough, but we've stayed busy all weekend. Happy Easter!