April 19th, 2006

Stewart Not Your Monkey

Episodes in Cute

* All I've heard from Eden this week: "More basket from Mister Bunny?" Ha. I keep telling her it's Easter Bunny.

* Ivy's crawling all over the place. Eden's constantly clapping her hands together and calling, "Come on, baby! This way! Good girl!" Already, they're running around getting into trouble together.

* Eden has discovered how to hold a tune. She still doesn't know most of the words to her songs, but she's singing them beautifully! All week long, as soon as she's woken up, Eden busts into "Good morning, good morning from the sun! Good morning, everyone!"

* Last night, Eden was mean. She missed her nap and had waaaay too much chocolate. She wouldn't go to bed. So we piled in the car, intending to go to the store. Car rides usually help.

Well this time, Eden just wouldn't listen. She got in trouble because she just kept hitting Ivy and trying to take her toys. Finally Josh took everything away from both of them and yelled, "Put your head back and close your eyes!" She did. Of course, within (literally) seconds, Eden had fallen asleep.

And as soon as her eyes closed and her head dropped over to her side...Ivy grinned, as if to say 'My chance for retribution!', immediately reached out and grabbed a fistful of Eden's hair, and began waving gleefully.
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Kushiel: Rest&beSoothedH

Would You Like Distance Reiki?

I've noticed, especially when I read that my friends are under the weather or experiencing difficulties, that I'm often offering to add folks to my Distance Healing sessions. My list now has about ten people, most of whom have been on there for about two weeks.

So this will be my open offer to ANYONE:

If you would like to receive Reiki healing from me, ask here!

This offer is ALWAYS open. I will link this post to my profile. I do nightly distance healing sessions, and I will be glad to hold any of my friends in healing energy. I ask for a bit of information below - this is only to help me better connect with you. None of it is *necessary*, so don't feel you have to answer anything you don't want. I just realized that my healing list had a lot of folks with handles like "DeppLover98" and "Um_My_Journal". For me personally, it's easier to connect with, say, "Susan" than "DeppLover98".

The same is true for location. If I hold you in Reiki energy, the Reiki will go to you. I just find it's easier for *me* to focus on someone - especially when I don't have a face to go with the name - if I know their first name and general location (such as 'Yemen' vs. 'Kentucky').

If you wish to receive healing for someone other than yourself, please have permission from that person! If you ask for your children, that's fine. But if you ask for your great-grandma who doesn't know what Reiki is and probably wouldn't like it if she did, then I'm sorry, but I don't feel comfortable with that.

Be aware that treatments may not always have the result you are hoping for. Reiki will work to align a person with his/her life path. It works for the highest good. It doesn't magically heal someone. Sometimes a sickness or situation needs to be experienced for growth. Reiki might make the transition smoother, or help you stay centered, energized, and focused through your trials.

Extended treatments may make issues pop up, things a person may need to work through for growth to be accomplished. This is more common with actual attunements, but sometimes happens with extended treatments.

For instance, after my Master Attunement, I kept having dreams about certain issues from the past regarding my stepfather. The dreams really bothered me, as first of all, they weren't pleasant, and also, I thought I had worked through my forgiveness process. Apparently I hadn't done so well enough, and I had to deal with that (though I REALLY didn't want to have *anything* to do with that situation anymore). I have also heard that this can happen more often with people who have suffered and suppressed abuses in their past, although I have no first hand experience with this (besides my own).

Just letting you know.

So if you would like to receive healing, please post here with the following information:

First Name:
General Location:
Reason for Requesting Healing:
(Remember, it's all optional)
How Long You Would Like to Remain on the Healing List:
(if you don't choose a timeframe, I will continue healing for one week. Please request again after that if you wish to continue treatment)

If at any time you wish to be removed from the healing list, comment and let me know. No problem.

Thank you for this opportunity to practice my healing! Feel free to link and spread the word.