July 2nd, 2006

Stewart Not Your Monkey

I Have Such Wonderful Friends

Thank you!

Your outpouring of prayers, reiki, & love has really meant a lot to us. I know the power of prayer, and it means so much to know that Ivy's on so many prayer lists right now. And thank you to everyone who is holding her in the Light.

I noticed several more hugs on my profile page, too, and I wanted to thank you all. That's sending me to bed with a smile. You guys are awesome, and it really means a lot to me.
Stewart Not Your Monkey


Ivy woke up normally this morning.

I was so afraid to go to sleep last night. I asked Josh if we could sleep in shifts, but he didn't care for that idea. I knew I was being irrational, but that's part of why it's irrational - I just couldn't help it. All day yesterday, any time she waved her arms or started nodding her head, I'd run to her, all scared with my heart pounding. Josh keeps telling me to release it and quit putting it out there, see her as healed and whole. And I do - I've been doing so much prayer/visualizing/reiki work. It's just...hard.

But this morning she woke up, early as ever, doing the normal morning things - crawling all over mine & Josh's heads, trying to look out the window, screeching when I didn't get her up fast enough, pooping massively... I have to admit that, even though it was butt-crack of dawn early, it made my heart soar.

I'm still nervous. I can't help it. I'm watching anxiously for her to show all of the developmental milestones that she had already. I'm so afraid that she's been hurt worse than we know, or set back. I mean, even though I see her running after sissy and laughing and squealing, I just can't shake that image of Josh holding her rigid body, her foaming at the mouth. How can you just shake that off? I know baby's are resilient, but...damn.

Ivy Stuff I've Seen & Rejoiced Over

* "Good Girl" - her favorite phrase, and the first thing she said after she roused from her seizure stupor.

* Smiling, laughing, squealing

* Waving

* Blowing kisses

* "Mama"

* "Dada"

* Crawling/cruising

* Sticking out her tongue and blowing a 'raspberry'

* Clapping

* "Boo-boo" (that would be 'grandma')

Ivy Stuff I'm Still Diligently Watching For:

* Dancing (ok, it's more bouncing, but we'll just say she got her mama's sense of rhythm)

* "Sissy"

* "Achaiah"

* Taking a step (this was still new, and since she's cruising so well, I'm hoping she's just been too tired/drained to do it on her own)

* Picking up little things (she was eating goldfish, but I'm not sure that counts)

* Fake coughing (her new favorite sound)

* Holding her own water bottle (I'm holding off on this one, but we may try it today if she eats well)

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Stewart Not Your Monkey

This #%$&*^ Weekend Just Keeps Getting Better & Better

I guess I was pretty tired, because I fell asleep when I put Ivy down for her nap. Eden was watching her new favorite movie, Eight Below, and came to wake me up when it was over. Guess what I found when I walked out of the bedroom.



She'd put some things on my chair so that she could climb up and reach my pen jar on top of my desk.

We're talking: the walls, Josh's weight bench, her & Ivy's TV, bookshelf, her toy angel, the kitchen counters, my suitcase, computer desk & mouse pad, the refrigerator... and as we just found out, INSIDE the refrigerator.

Josh had some stuff called 'goof off', which smells like it's basically paint thinner, and that helped a bit. We got it off the kitchen counters, and most of it off of the fridge. A lot of what was on the walls came off, but the rest is just a big purpley-black stain. Josh's weight bench won't come off at all, and when I tried to use it on the cheese drawer in the fridge, it pretty much ate through the plastic. And she's lucky that was an old suitcase.