August 27th, 2006

dalai lama by little_shinies

More hugs!

Thanks to the wonderful friend who gave me more hugs! I check my hug counter (on my profile) every day, and sometimes I get discouraged when a long while has gone with no new ones. Oddly enough, today's church sermon was on 'Do you often feel like you need to be appreciated?' LOL I'm still working on that lesson, but in the meantime it still makes me smile. Especially when I've had such a bad day-that-runs-counter-to-my-preferencing-system.

I know several of my friends also have hug counters, but I tend to get mixed up and forget who. If you have one, please comment here and let me know! I try to check in and give more hugs at least once a week, and more if I think you just need them. :)