October 18th, 2006

Stewart Not Your Monkey

Watch Out for That Meme!

I'd just like to put a bit of a warning on this meme here. Yes, believe it or not, there can be some dangers to filling out memes & online surveys.

Some of them are started by phishers (one of which hit me last night on YIM, so if you get a message from 'me' telling you to check out some site - DON'T!)

Your red flags should go up if they ask you to fill in personal information such as full names, birthdates, street name/address, mother's maiden name (HUGE red flag there! Credit card scammers!), first pet's names/high schools/childhood heroes (or similar questions asked by email providers when changing/retrieving passwords).

While you are distracted with sharing your favorite color, what super power you'd like to have, and whether or not anyone on your f-list has a crush on you, spammers/hackers/phishers are jotting down all the necessary info needed to begin identity theft & fraud (and yes, with a full name and street addy, they can get your social security number).

NEVER give out personal or identifying information online!

That said, I'm going to do this meme anyway - changing everything I'm not comfortable sharing.

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