November 8th, 2006

Stewart Not Your Monkey


Love is everywhere lately, and all you have to do is open your arms and accept it!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. The Universe seems to be calling it out, and I was surprised that I couldn’t hear the message for so long. It’s like the parable of the fish who heard about this great, life-giving stuff called water and went out to search for it.

Sometimes I think love is more potent and necessary than water itself. Everyone needs it; everyone craves it – they want even more of it when it’s right there and they feel the absence of it too deeply for words. I try to stay positive and centered in the Light, but it’s sometimes a challenge. We all have funks. I was in one lately. Fighting with my Love, sick kids, a car that breaks three times in one weekend right before The Most Important Show Ever…sometimes I just do not handle my stress. Sometimes I need a reminder. What do you do when you’re feeling down and you need to bask in love? Who do you turn to?

Most of you know by now that when I am down, I wear Rainbow Blankie (which is chock full of Light & Lovey goodness, I might add). And while I hear this is all the rage in Paris, it hasn’t yet made its mark on the backwoods of North Carolina, so I’m a little hesitant to hit the town that way. I need something else to keep me conscious and grateful for all the Love in my life. I’ve found that lately, I miss my Kissing Tree.

I used to have a Kissing Tree, and it made me happy whenever I needed a boost. It wasn’t an actual tree - I took pictures of me kissing friends and family. And pets. And random delivery guys. (Just kidding. Or am I?) Anyway, any time the opportunity presented itself, I would catch a picture of me getting love and kisses. My intention was to make a great mural of a tree on my wall and use the pictures for leaves, but I never actually got the mural part down. I did have lots of leaves on my wall, though, and every time I’d look at it, it was a happy reminder of how loved I was. Perhaps a little dorky or out there, but it kept me smiling and mindful. (Yes, I want it back, especially now that I have kids. :P)

I’m so grateful for all the hugs and love I got yesterday, and every time I need a love-up. Love was everywhere yesterday! I wasn’t feeling sad, although I’m afraid that’s how it came across. I just felt the need to share! It’s awesome to be able to say to a bunch of friends, ‘Hey, I could use a hug’ and get all sorts of warm and squishies! Even without actual bodies. That love, it’s some powerful stuff. I didn’t expect to get many responses to such a silly, random post, but I woke up this morning to find I was inundated!

The Love & Adoration meme that’s been going around has been an awesome reminder, I think. Mostly I love the opportunity to make others feel good, but it’s also great to get showered with praise like that from all directions. I was so gooshy with it yesterday. tru2myheart wrote a post to me that just broke my heart and had me crying. She is the awesomest, and I was so honored to know she felt that way about me. How long have we known each other? Two months? Three? How did a lifetime sneak in there? And I have so many other folks who have just appeared in my life and touched me or changed me for the better.

I was all mooning about this lately. My one best friend briefly came to town, and I rarely get to hang with him anymore. I don’t have any other local friends, although I like to think I have one in the making (hi lahermite!). I’ve been reading way too much Rumi lately, bemoaning the fact that I have no Shams. Where is my beloved Friend, whom I can love ecstatically and chase the Divine with? I’ve tried getting Josh to meditate or hold ceremony with me, and it’s just not his thing. I’ve been reading about Twin Flames everywhere, though I still don’t think I understand it, but I was just feeling very lonely stuck out here all alone in the house with kids all the time with no one who wants to spiritually celebrate with me (intimately, not like church. I’m not sure why I’m not vibing on church lately).

I was disappointed yesterday when I learned that I’m not going to get to meet lanternlady this month after all, as she is one of those folks I just had to encounter once to feel that little flame within me flare up and dance out to ignite others. She made a comment, the gist of which stuck with me – that first of all, she felt we would meet sometime, and how it’s amazing that we’ve been able to make such connections online, where we’re all learning from each other and growing together. Josh has said the same thing to me many times, how with everyone we ever encounter, we’re all each others’ gurus in some way.

It’s great to know that when I’m sad, or concerned about my daughters or preacher or anything on earth, I can turn to you all and ask for love and Light and receive it freely. From all over the world! What a powerful web we’re weaving! I’m a big proponent of The World Peace Experiment, which asserts that if enough people shift their own personal perspective to one of Love, then we could change the world paradigm. I don’t know about you, but I can sure feel it when a Love outpouring occurs. It’s so juicy and sweet. Wherever two or more gather, my friends! Or to pound home an important point learned yesterday, every voice matters and if enough people are dissatisfied and speak up for change, it will happen.

I’m going to make a more conscious effort to stay in a place of Love, and share that love with others. Not just here, online, but every moment of every day. How many people, honestly now, when you see someone sitting there hurting, do you reach out and hug them? How many times do you go up to someone and say, “Hey, I think you’re spectacular! You are loved,” followed by a big, juicy squeezey? I do more often now than I used to. I’m lucky to have a ‘huggy’ church, which broke any reticence I might have had about hugging strangers. I was hugged more the first time I walked in than I had been all month prior to that. Not the shoulders-touching-butt-out-omg-don’t-touch-hips hugs, but deep, back rubbing, basking & squeezing hugs.

A little shy to goosh love on random strangers? Don’t be. Everyone loves it, and everyone craves it. We’ll do this together, and we’ll be making a difference in the world. I would like to declare Wednesday “Love Day”. Forget that Humpday stuff. Let’s make it a day everyone looks forward to. Today, every week (and every day if you want to!), let’s shine Love all over the world and see what happens! At least try it for one whole day out of your life, and see what it brings back to you.

If somehow you haven’t seen the Free Hugs Campaign, please check it out. It’s worth the three minutes of your time. (Works on dial-up if you leave it to load and play through, then try to watch it :P )

If you find you are also looking for a little more Spirit in your life, please check out one of my favorite communities: mystic_cafe, run by another fabulous lightworker, manifest_now. mystic_cafe has become a cozy and inviting Spirit family, and a beautiful source of Light in my life.

You are spectacular, and you are loved! *HUGS*


Holy Extra Userpics, Batman!

All right, you anonymous sneakster - I love you and think you are exceedingly swell! Thank you for such a sweet and wonderful gift!

You have massive amounts of hugs coming to you, even if I don't quite know where you are. (I may suspect, though. lol)

*squees and runs to make more icons*