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Apathy: What I Just Don't Care About But Maybe Should

written for therealljidol

I am the one you hate.

I am the one who considers The Mary-Sue Litmus Test a direct challenge. I am the one who bases entire characters and storylines on Grateful Dead songs. I write bad guys who don't discover the Light of Goodness...although they might pretend to for a while. I will have my Hatrack character speak to birds and ride lions in homage to Ayla, my Valerian adept will make feet-washing her specialty as a nod to Inara, and my uber-manly Clan hunter will sneak around seducing your future-Leader a la...

Well, at least I don't give spoilers.

I make Anti-Sues that are the complete opposite of your Mary-Sues, and then laugh when you don't notice. I make the Uber-Sue that snarks your Sue, then revel in her firey death. I make characters that are you, I make characters that are me---hell, I make characters that are Keller Williams and James Earl Jones as a hawk...and then I give us all super powers! I write fumbly Wash/Simon slash and put Hermione in a Daddy/girl with Snape. I write entire posts in haiku and limericks when you're taking your game too seriously. I break canon in the silliest ways when there is wailing & gnashing of teeth over tiny things. I do dream sequences. I've brought people back from the dead. I've had characters bring people back from the dead.

Are you tearing out your hair? Are you yelling, Why? For the love of God, whyyyyy?

Because I can't publish it anyway, we're playing a game, and my sole purpose is to amuse myself doing so. Better yet if I can do it subtly enough to make everyone actually like it, but I'm just as amused when it's over-the-top to balance out teh dramah. You'd think it's a mortal sin, the way some people work themselves up. I try to be serious and scholarly when I'm writing my own stuff, but when it's fanfic? I really just don't care.
Tags: communities, dumbasses, ljidol 5, poetry, snark, squee, writing
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