February 13th, 2007


Secret Message Music Meme

I started this meme the last time the ’10 Anonymous Messages to the F-list’ thing went around. I’ve done that twice now, so I decided to do it with a twist. I’ve chosen song lyrics that either hold a message or in some way remind me of a friend. I chose carefully, and I really had fun with this. I have 25, but I’m 100% certain that I covered everyone on my friends list.

One set of lyrics can apply to many people, and then many sets of lyrics can apply to one person. As always, if you feel like you recognize yourself in it, claim it for you. :) I will say that some of the less-positive entries apply to people either cut or who were never on my f-list (which is why in the effort of full disclosure, I’m not locking it). But many positive ones apply there, too!

I’d give 5 million cool points to anyone who can list every song on here. And I suppose I’d make it 50 million if you could honestly say you didn’t google/search it. :P

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